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Fee Structure

As per G.O. No. 525-TET(Poly) dated 29.07.2009 read with G.O. No. 678-TET(Poly) dated 19.10.2009 of the Department of Technical Education & Training, Polytechnic Branch, Government of West Bengal Government/Government Sponsored Polytechnics

Admission Fee: Rs.200/- (during 1st admission in every year)

Tuition Fee: Rs.50/- per month

Caution Deposit: Rs.40/- (One Time)

Session Charge: Rs.50/- per annum

Hostel Rent: Rs.50/- per month (For Hostellers)

Electric Charge for Hostel: Rs.50/- per month (For Hostellers)

Registration Fees: Rs.150/- for 1st year & 2nd year (VOCLET)

Students Only (One Time) Paid to WBSCT & VE & SD(TE)

Exam Fees: Rs. 250/- per Semester Paid to WBSCT & VE & SD (TE)