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Technology divide is clearly visible in Indian urban and rural society. Vast majority of Indian urban population and small fraction of those who live in rural areas & slums enjoy the benefits of modern technologies. Therefore & immediate need to involve a vast network which can help in adaptation of appropriate technologies in those rural & slum areas through technology demonstration, repair & maintains services, counselling free service campus from time to time with the help of CDTP Scheme of MHRD, Government of India.

AICTE approved polytechnics are equipped with the following types of resources---

a) Polytechnics are equipped with physical facilities in the form of buildings, future halls laboratories, workshops, hostels etc. Which could be used as knowledge and Skill Centres for rural community & slums dwellers.

b) Polytechnics have qualified and trained faculty who can scientifically formulate, implement and monitor community oriented programs & projects especially where the activity of adoption of appropriate technology is involved,

c) Polytechnics have technicians and craftsmen whose services can be utilized to some extent for imparting skill training & adoption of appropriate technologies.

d) Students of polytechnics could be of tremendous help in making meaningful contribution to community and rural development.

In Purulia Polytechnic as a Main Centre and in some extension centres in Purulia districts, West Bengal. We some courses based upon NCVT , June 2016 since Financial year 2010-2011.


CDTP Courses are :

  1. Beautician and Hair Dressing.
  2. Tailoring (Basic)
  3. Garment Making.
  4. Refrigeration.
  5. AC Machines Repairing (Window and Split)
  6. Electrical House Wiring.
  7. Repair and Maintenance of Electronics Home Appliance
  8. Soft Toy Making.
  9. Computer Hardware and Software
  10. Hand Embroidery
  11. Electrical House Wiring
  12. Mobile Repairing and Maintenance.

Based upon those courses we serve more than 3000 no’s trainees and among those maximum are ST (Schedule Tribe), SC (Schedule Caste) of minority female/ male and those are successfully joined with some NGO( Non-Government Organization) or create their own NGOs and also serve CDTP upcoming trainees.